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SimWalk simulation services and products are successfully deployed by authorities and consultancies around the globe. Ever since our foundation over a decade ago, we are pushing boundaries and embrace the latest technology to optimally serve the transport, aviation, sports and building industry helping to manage their crowds.

Smart Software

SimWalk software products are leading in the market and provide industry specific solutions: SimWalk Transport, Airport, PRO and 360.

Crowd solutions

Every client has different needs. We provide flexible, modular and scalable services and solutions for analysing and managing crowds.



We control the crowd during


Prepare your facility, rail station, airport or stadium for the increasing capacity needs of the future. Our services support effectively the impact analysis of different planned designs on crowd dynamics and safety.


Managing day to day operations in public transport or aviation facilities is a highly demanding task. We support the effective facility management by data analysis, simulation and planning of crowd dynamics.


Today, public transport terminals and buildings are highly vulnerable targets for a multitude of threats. We are experts in helping authorities to raise awareness for security issues and proposing actionable solutions.

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Selected Software Features

evacuation hazards

SimWalk provides highly realistic modelling of fire or explosion hazards during simulation runtime.

Event / action handler

Simulate any "if...then" time triggered events and subsequent actions between simulation objects and pedestrians.


The API with OpenTrack allows to integrate rail network simulation data for a comprehensive view of the station.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like the group modeling of passengers deliver a high accuracy representation of the station dynamics.

Rolling Stock Library

Train combinations and coach types can be customized in 2D and 3D, available for reuse with the integrated object library.

Shopping Analysis

Analyze shopping behavior, location-based footfall and translate it to revenue opportunities.