Automatic BIM conversion

From BIM IFC plans to simulation plans in no time

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New SimWalk BIM service reduces project time by up to 60%

Preparing and cleaning existing plans for simulation is one of the most time consuming tasks in a simulation project. The new SimWalk BIM conversion service extracts automatically the needed elements for the simulation plan from IFC plans. All the tedious work of plan cleaning is a thing of the past with the new conversion service.

If simulation projects have to be delivered in a short time frame, automatic BIM conversion is the way to go forward. BIM conversion is based on the openbim ICF format that is automatically converted to the SimWalk simulation plan. With a click you can set up your scenario and start simulating.



Core features of the BIM converter

Supports openbim IFC format

It doesn't matter which BIM software you use. Just convert your plan to the IFC format and the conversion works.

Simulation plans in minutes

Depending on the complexity of the IFC plan, the conversion might take some minutes. The converted and abstracted plans are automatically stored in SimWalk and are ready to work with.

BIM conversion tickets

SimWalk BIM conversation service is available as tickets of different sizes, from 25, 50 and 100 conversions up to unlimited enterprise versions.

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