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All the advantages of a Desktop as Service solution for crowd simulation

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SimWalk is now available as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) cloud solution

Delivered as a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution, SimWalk integrates now all the advantages of cloud applications in a crowd simulation software. Flexible on-demand availability, no update maintenance or special hardware requirements are the pros of a DaaS solution. Easy user scalability is another advantange of DaaS implementations.

As a cloud solution, SimWalk can now be accessed with any browser on any device. In addition, the cloud implementation provides a scalable calculation performance through additional simulation instances on demand. For large simulation scenarios or continous deployment a cloud implementation is the solution of choice.



Core features of the DaaS Solution

On demand, no maintenance

Available with any browser on any device at any time. You always have the latest software version to work with.

Scalable simulation performance

The cloud implementation allows a scalable adaption of calculation power depending on the needs of the scenario throught additional simulation instances.

All the data in one place

Simulation results, scenarios and simulation plans are stored in one place on the cloud. No missing data anymore.

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Pedestrian simuation on the cloud - scalability, power, ease of use data in one place  .