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Comprehensive crowd expertise for your facility's full lifecylce

From feasibility and business case through to design, construction and operations, we advise on the full lifecycle of facilities. By combining data insights from a wide range of sources and movement modelling expertise, we deliver costumized solutions that lead to actionable insights for clients.

We have gained crowd expertise in all types of venues, from major railway hubs to airports, sports stadia, shopping centers, museums and universities. By delivering innovative solutions and integrating diverse technologies, we aim to achieve the best for our clients. With our team of data scientists, modellers, programmers and planners we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for crowd management.


Effective solutions are not depending on size or type. Our data and modelling expertise supports the design of small museums as well as large hubs.


As the developer of the market leading software SimWalk we are at the forefront of modelling and can react quickly to customer requests.


We work together with the most innovative data companies and service providers who support our crowd management solutions.

How we work


Three steps to a crowd solution

project definition

The definition of the scope of a project is the first step of a successful solution. Based on our expertise we consult to clients about the optimal mix of people and technology to deliver sustainable and actionable insights.

Technology selection and planning

Depending on the lifecycle of the facility and the specific evaluation needs, appropriate additional technology providers are selected for the project. The design phase of a facility can be supported by crowd experienced planners.

Delivery and support

Crowd management never ends. Complementing the design and management advice delivered, we support our clients with follow-up services and evaluations to ensure efficient and safe facilities over time.

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Selected SimWalk Features

Timetable integration

SimWalk Transport integrates timetables directly through the industry format RailML or any other format.

Boarding analysis

Coach type, door width, opening time, capacity or door assignment provide the basis for a realistic simulation.


The API with OpenTrack allows to integrate rail network simulation data for a comprehensive view of the station.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like the group modelling of passengers deliver a high accuracy representation of the station dynamics.

Rolling Stock Library

Train combinations and coach types can be customized in 2D and 3D, available for reuse with the integrated object library.

Shopping Analysis

Analyse shopping behaviour, location-based footfall and translate it to revenue opportunities.