The world's first permanent pedestrian model


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A revolutionary way to deliver simulation to the transport industry

Imagine a permanent, integrated passenger model of your rail or metro station, available all the time, dynamic, fully supported and hosted, at your disposal. You request a simulation evaluation at any time and get results delivered in minutes. You act in time, change passenger routings, processing devices, arrival and departures, rolling stock - this is SimWalk-360, the new way to deliver passenger simulation to the transport industry.


SimWalk-360 integrates all the advantages of a permanent model like on demand and real-time simulation.


SimWalk-360 can be customized to your simulation needs, from a 360 degree full service to solution adapted to your company.


Multithreading and cloud calculation deliver scalable simulation performance depending on the needs of your operational management.



Core applications of SimWalk-360

Full simulation value at any time

With SimWalk-360 you reduce the passenger simulation ramp up costs to zero and get the full simulation value at any time with minimal overhead costs. There’s no model building by your staff, no training for one time projects, no recurring calibration and validation, no upgrade costs - SimWalk 360 delivers results in minimal time - we do the setup, your staff gets the results.

Comprehensive station model

SimWalk-360 is based on a model of the whole railway or metro station that is built one time in full detail, state-of-the art and later fully supported. Hosted on the cloud, the model is secure to be used at all time, independent of staff turnover or organisational changes. Customized Service Level Agreements assure that the model is supported according to the needs of the station operator.

Simulation for daily operations

SimWalk-360 brings passenger simulation to the level of deployment in daily operations. Short-term passenger routing, special events and time schedule planning can be simulated and analysed on a daily basis.

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Dynamic simulation routing

The dynamic assignment of key events or hazards during simulation run time allows the realistic replication of diverse real-world scenarios.

Easy analysis of key metrics

SimWalk-360 provides easy access to all standard pedestrian analysis metrics, for example density, speeds, counts and flow rates as well as levels of service.

Scalable visualization

SimWalk-360 delivers different levels of visualizations from 2D, 3D easy to 3D expert for full-scale 3D visualizations plus export to other professional visualization tools.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like group modelling deliver a high accuracy simulation and analysis of pedestrian dynamics.

Rolling Stock Library

Train combinations and coach types can be customized in 2D and 3D, available for reuse with the integrated object library.

Shopping Analysis

Analyse shopping behaviour, location-based footfall and translate it to revenue opportunities.