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SimWalk PRO


Simulation for traffic, architecture, urban planning and evacuation

SimWalk PRO is a flexible general-purpose package for improving pedestrian logistics, safety and comfort in building management, urban planning and traffic. Main application areas are for example building evacuations, stadias and special events, shopping centers and retail.


SimWalk PRO integrates an intelligent route choice model to accurately model and simulate passenger and station dynamics.


SimWalk PRO provides a unique workflow support to guide the user effectively and easily through the simulation project.


Multithreading and cloud calculation deliver scalable simulation performance depending on the time and budget available.



Core applications of simwalk PRO

Building and Area Evacuation

Due to the devastating impact of fire incidents, terrorism and other hazards, evacuation analysis is one of the most important applications of SimWalk PRO. Be it a commercial or a government building, stadia or even whole urban streets, the software provides analysis and evaluation of needed evacuation time, emergency policies and exit strategies.

Urban Planning

Urban landscapes, streets and passages are being increasingly designed for the comfort and safety of pedestrians by architects and urban planners. The import of GIS vector data into SimWalk PRO allows to import large area plans to evaluate the impact of urban structures and design on pedestrian dynamics.

Event Management and Traffic

Concerts, sports games, demonstrations, political events and pedestrian analysis in traffic planning - there are many occasions where large human crowds gather and have to be managed efficiently. SimWalk PRO is the comprehensive tool to provide simulation and analysis of pedestrian dynamics for these events.

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Dynamic simulation routing

The dynamic assignment of key events or hazards during simulation run time allows the realistic replication of diverse real-world scenarios.

Easy analysis of key metrics

SimWalk PRO provides easy access to all standard pedestrian analysis metrics, for example density, speeds, counts and flow rates as well as levels of service.

Scalable visualization

SimWalk PRO delivers different levels of visualizations from 2D, 3D easy to 3D expert for full-scale 3D visualizations plus export to other professional visualization tools.

Group Modeling

Advanced features like group modelling deliver a high accuracy simulation and analysis of pedestrian dynamics.

Rolling Stock Library

Train combinations and coach types can be customized in 2D and 3D, available for reuse with the integrated object library.

Shopping Analysis

Analyse shopping behaviour, location-based footfall and translate it to revenue opportunities.